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Class: AGENCY LAW for New Home Sales
State: Arizona
Specialty: New Home Sales
Category: 3 Hours - Agency Law


Renewal Zone Continuing Education Classes Agency law for New Home Sales
Agency law consists of the fiduciary duties owed to a client and the legal and ethical responsibility to treat everyone involved in a transaction with fairness.  This real estate continuing education class speaks directly to the new home salesperson. 

This class delves into the history of agency law and the current rules for agency disclosure and agency relationships.  When is the proper time to disclose agency?  When should you make your prospects aware of your fiduciary duties to the home builder for whom you work?

Learn how dual agency can be created inadvertantly and the challenges of limited representation.  We will also review the CARLOAD of duties owed to your clients and discuss case law directly related to an agency relationship. This renewal class will help you better understand agency and appropriately serve your client (your homebuilder employer) and your customers.


Lynn Palmer
Lynn Palmer

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