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Posted Sep 28, 2009 7:53 pm (11 years ago)

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Renewal Zone will be offering 24-hour real estate renewal packages for our Arizona students soon.  Many of our real estate renewal classe have already been approved by the Arizona Department of Real Estate, and more have been submitted for approval.  I am currently writing a Broker Management Clinic class, which is required, as part of the 24 hours of renewal classes, for designated brokers in Arizona.  

The Broker Management Clinic consists of information on trust funds, property management, employment agreements (listing agreements) and purchase agreements.  Brokers have a great deal of responsiblity and liability and this class will address many of the statutes and administrative code that have been written to specifically address the duties of a designated broker. The class should be finished this week and ready to submit to ADRE for approval to offer it as real estate renewal hours for designated brokers.  

We hope to have all of the classes needed for our real estate license renewal packages within the next few weeks in time to be on our website when we go live with our classes for Arizona, sometime in late October.