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Posted Sep 22, 2009 8:05 pm (11 years ago)

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How many times can you close? Most real estate professionals are thrilled with their performance if they close just once. Since buyers don’t like to be closed, why over-do it? But wait … who said that they don’t like to be closed? Being pressured and being closed are two totally different things. If you close earlier than later, you will set yourself up for a second or third close. Plus, if you feel like the home is right for the buyers, you have an obligation to close so they don’t lose it. Yes, even in this crazy real estate market, buyers can miss opportunities by waiting too long. Some buyers need a nudge while others need more of a gentle push, but if you know their wants and needs, and know that the home satisfies those wants and needs, then ask a closing question early. If they say no, it will allow you to find out “why” and set yourself up for a second or third close. It is your job to close the sale. They will thank you later!