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Posted Oct 09, 2009 1:37 pm (11 years ago)

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There are many types of personalities that make up successful real estate professionals.  Whether you are introverted, extraverted, emotional, or analytical, understanding your own personality type and those of your buyers can be very useful.  Here is the first personality type:


The Extraverted, Analytical – (controlling, confident, opinionated, bright)

This person could be a CEO with high self-esteem or could be any person who is opinionated and out-spoken.  This person could also possess low self-esteem by overcompensating for his/her inadequacies. 


·        The bad news – This buyer will exhaust you. 

·        The good news – This buyer can make a decision and will buy.


Some real estate professionals will discount these buyers because they can be a lot of work, especially since they are price-sensitive and detail-oriented.  Fortunately, they are also strong decision makers, with a bit of an ego, so identify their hot buttons and you can lead them right to the sale.  Don’t let the negativity or incessant objectives get in your way.  Identify them as buying signs and don’t give up!  The Extraverted, Analytical buyer can be difficult, but most importantly, they will buy a home!


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