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Posted Nov 05, 2009 9:55 am (11 years ago)

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The next personality type is the Introverted, Emotional – (indecisive, quiet, follower, people-person)
This personality type is a real estate professional’s dream at first glance. He/she is very pleasant, agreeable, and does not have many objections. So what is the problem? This person agrees with everything, but has a problem making a decision. Plus, the introverted, emotional does not want to hurt your feelings by telling you that he/she does not like something because you have been so nice. You may think that you have a buyer on your hands, but you may never see this person again. If you do, he/she may need to bring every relative and friend back to get their opinions. So … what is the answer? This buyer needs direction. You must lead and keep reassuring him/her that the home is the right decision. Use phrases like this …
“This plan is very popular. Everyone loves it!”
“Most people choose ceramic tile because it is low-maintenance.”
“This home is priced right and offers you the gourmet kitchen that you love and will be a great selling point down the road.”
This buyer can be sold if you tap into the wants and needs and then show that a particular home fits those wants and needs. You must confirm that this is a good buying decision and that other people agree. Lead, ask a lot of trial closes, and don’t assume that since there are no objections everything is okay. You must close once, twice, maybe three times, but keep trying. Find the right home and you will have a very happy homeowner.
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