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Posted Oct 11, 2010 6:14 am (10 years ago)

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Sold Sign - Real Estate Renewal Classes at Renewal Zone
Real estate professionals are plenty busy these days, despite the challenges in the current real estate market.  The reason?  Most real estate transactions are either short sales or the sale of bank-owned properties.  Ask anyone who is involved with short sale transaactions and REO properties and they will tell you how time consuming and sometimes complicated these transactions can be.  

Real estate professionals find themselves working harder and longer for a commission.  Often, that means longer hours and working 7 days a week in order to complete Broker Price Opinions or other required documents for the negotiation, sale or closing of one of these "distressed properties, not to mention arraning for repairs to compensate for the neglect or abuse shown by some of these properties.

Most real estate agents have a limited amount of "flex" time in their day to accomplish such things as advertising, office facility administration, and Arizona eal estate renewal classes.  Real estate licenses are valid for two years, but it seems to go by extremely fast and all of sudden it is time to address real estate renewal once again.

Online real estate classes are the answer for busy real estate professionals.  Access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week eliminates the need to "schedule" classes.  An agent can log on anytime from anywhere there is an internet connection.  How easy is that!  

More and more licensees are discovering the convenience and enjoyment of online renewal classes.  They enjoy the opportunity to pick classes that will increase their knowledge, to learn at their own pace, and to start and stop as many times as needed in order to address the needs of their clients.  Give it a try!