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Posted Aug 13, 2010 7:29 am (10 years ago)

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The Arizona Department of Real Estate recently issued this clarification on the new Fingerprint Clearance Card requirement for new licensees:

Pursuant to ARS §32-2108.01, original applicants for licensure are required to obtain a valid Fingerprint Clearance Card through the Arizona Department of Public Safety prior to submitting their application to the Arizona Department of Real Estate. The Department shall no longer accept basic fingerprint cards for processing.
ARS §32-2108.01 pertains to:

.  New original license applications for, but not limited to:
        Salesperson – real estate, cemetery or campground
        Broker – real estate, cemetery or campground
        Schools and/or instructor
        Public reports
·  Only renewals for salesperson and/or brokers that have any disclosures, such as, any misdemeanor conviction, felony conviction, judgment restriction, disciplinary action, civil judgment or ADRE recovery fund payment, will require a Fingerprint Clearance Card. 
Please click here to get the instructions on how to obtain a fingerprint clearance card.
This information will likely be added to the curriculum of some of the pre-licensing courses and real estate renewal classes over the next few months.