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Posted Apr 13, 2010 7:33 am (11 years ago)

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Renewal Zone Online real estate classDo you remember the days when mortgage payments were calculated with an amortization chart?  When fax machines were the quickest way to get a document across the Country?  When real estate professionals drove many miles and spent many hours in real estate renewal classes in order to renew their license?   Technology has changed all of these and added huge efficiencies to the business practices of most real estate agents.

It is no longer necessary to carry an amortization chart with you everywhere you go.  Mortgage payments for fixed rate loans, adjustable loans, and buy-downs can be obtained with a handheld calculator or even your cell phone, and there are hundreds of websites on the internet that will easily provide a mortgage payment.  

Fax machines are now considered an obsolete office appliance that sits in the corner collecting dust.  Nearly every document transmittal is now completed via email, file sharing or an upload to the internet.

So what about those real estate renewal classes?  Yes, there are still real estate agents who attend live classroom renewal classes, but they are getting fewer and fewer every year.  Most real estate professionals are finding that online real estate renewal classes are the most efficient way to increase their knowledge and fulfill license renewal requirements.  Online classes can be taken from anywhere there is an internet connection - at home, work or out by the pool.   Online real estate classes enable the student to focus on the material without annoying distractions, sideline conversations, or listening to another student's agenda of the day.   Online classes allow you to stay on task, absorb the material, test your knowledge, and print your certificate immediately upon completion.  How easy is that!  

AND you will never have to miss a phone call or decline a business opportunity again, because you are being "held hostage" with your phone OFF in a real estate renewal class!  Online real estate classes allow you to stop the class to take a phone call or provide service for a client and then resume the class later when you have taken care of the business at hand.  Let's face it, many real estate business opportunities present themselves and are then gone within a very few minutes if not acted upon.  Online real estate classes allow your business to come first, as it should.

State approved renewal classes, broker management clinic, and career development classes are all available on Renewal Zone.  Give us a try!