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Posted Apr 28, 2010 6:00 pm (11 years ago)

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Most states require real estate professionals to complete a few weeks of real estate focused education and pass a state-administered exam in order to receive a real estate license and are given the authority to list and sell real estate properties under the supervision of a real estate broker.

In order to maintain a real estate license, most states also require that licensees return to real estate school for a series of real estate renewal classes every year, every two years, or every four years, depending on the state.  Classes can be completed, in most states, either in a live classroom setting or through an online real estate school, like Renewal Zone.

Real estate renewal classes can be tremendously beneficial for the licensee, especially in an every changing real estate market.  New topics are always being added to the curriculum of most real estate schools.  Topics such as short sales, REO properties, 203K Loans, and Loan Modifications were unheard of only a few years ago and now offer information critically important to real estate professionals representing buyers and sellers in today's market conditions.

Renewal classes can provide a blend of a review of basic real estate principals, professional ethics and contract law and an introduction of new information such as website marketing rules and social media.

 Take advantage of the opportunity to renew your skills and knowledge and stay curent with market trends by carefully selecting real estate renewal hours that focus on your areas of business.  If you are in new home sales, commercial real estate or property management, look for classes that best address your needs.  Real estate renewal hours can provide the information you need to avoid issues and better serve your clients.