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Posted Aug 23, 2010 6:55 am (10 years ago)

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renewal zone staging tips - lightingLet There Be Light!

Natural sunlight is nurturing to the soul and good for us both physically and mentally. Let the sunshine in during the day, wherever possible, and make sure you have soft lights in darker areas or corners of the home. 
In warmer climates, especially, homeowners tend to block the natural sunlight during the day, which can make the home cooler, but can also bring a dark and dismal feeling to a room or to the whole house. Install sheer blinds or open the blinds prior to showing and turn on all the lamps, even in the daytime. You may decide to remove dark, heavy draperies and replace them with light sheer or airy fabric. The added light will enlarge the space, brighten the home and touch the emotions of the prospective buyers. 
Narrow windows can be “widened” by extending rods a foot on each side of the window. Hanging window treatments from the ceiling, rather than the top of the window will draw the eye upward and also make the windows (and the room) appear larger.
Additional lighting can be added to niches, under cabinets, in bays, and directed at fireplaces or artwork to add a touch of elegance. A technique often used by professional decorators is the “uplight” which can be placed on the floor in a dark corner behind a plant or chair. Uplights can be purchased for as little as $10 and will significantly enhance an area or a room. A combination of overhead, table, floor and accent lighting will create interest and ambiance. 
The use of white will also lighten a room. White furniture, white accessories or white fabrics can bring light and life to a dreary room. 

Although most real estate renewal classes do not cover staging, real estate professionals are finding that proper staging definitely has an impact in the marketing of a property.  However, Renewal Zone does have a wide assortment of approved Arizona real estate classes to fulfill renewal requirements and assist the real estate professional in better serving their clients, including a class on Interior Design Basics.