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Posted Nov 04, 2011 3:07 pm (9 years ago)

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Designated Broker to Report Violations    

Per the Arizona Department of Real Estate Bulletin
(Vol. 2011 - Issue 3): 

"Should any violations occur in the name of the corporation, the Designated Broker may suffer the consequences. The Arizona Department of Real Estate considers most violations of the Arizona Real Estate Law as a violation of the individual licensee, as well as their Designated Broker. The buck stops on the shoulders of the Designated Broker. 
However, ending on a slightly more positive note….remember that R4-28-1103 (F) states that; A designated broker who, upon learning of a violation of real estate statutes or rules by a salesperson or associate broker under the broker’s supervision, immediately reports the violation to the Department is not subject to disciplinary action by the Department for failure to supervise the salesperson or broker."

For more information on Designated Broker responsibilities, check out our
Broker Management Clinic.  The continuing education class is required every 2 years for Brokers, but any licensee can take the course and receive credit for Commissioner's Standards.

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