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Posted May 05, 2010 10:47 am (11 years ago)

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- New Home Real Estate Classes for Arizona -
Renewal Zone is an online real estate school that offers real estate classes specifically written for new home sales in Arizona. We know how frustrating it can be to take real estate renewal classes that pertain to residential real estate if you are in new home sales. At Renewal Zone, it is easy to find the perfect online real estate class just for you. You can take one 3-hour new home real estate class, or the entire 24-hour real estate renewal package. The real estate classes are written by experts who really understand the new home industry. And, the new home classes are approved for real estate renewal! Here is a list of exciting real estate classes:
Real Estate Renewal Classes                                                            Category
Land Acquisition                                                                                      Legal Issues
Land Development                                                                                  General
Broker Management Clinic                                                                    Com. Standards
Fair Housing for New Home Sales                                                      Fair Housing
Arizona Disclosure for New Home Sales                                           Disclosure
Arizona Agency Law for New Home Sales                                         Agency Law
Arizona Contract Law for New Home Sales                                       Contract Law 
The Mortgage Advantage for New Home Sales                                Legal Issues
Arizona Commissioner’s Standards for New Home Sales            Com. Standards
Get in the Sales Zone – Complete New Home Sales Process     General
Marketing & Selling Planned Communities with Golf Amenities   General
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