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Posted Sep 27, 2011 5:50 pm (9 years ago)

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Real Estate Course vs. Real Estate Class    

What do you need for Arizona real estate license renewal - a renewal course or a renewal class?  We have always called them "renewal classes," but many real estate schools are calling them courses.  We did some research on course vs. class and found the following example to be very easy-to-understand:

The difference between a course and a class is this:
Classes are the building blocks we use to make a complete course, so just remember that bricks are like classes, and courses are like the house.
So, does Renewal Zone offer real estate renewal courses or real estate renewal classes?  We offer all 8 real estate renewal classes that make-up the entire 24-hour course.  It takes 8 classes or 24 hours to complete the continuing education course.  A licensee may take all 8 classes with Renewal Zone or take classes from various schools to fulfill the 24-hour course requirement.  So, now you have it!
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