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Posted Nov 23, 2009 9:55 am (11 years ago)

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The last personality type is the Extraverted, Emotional – (energetic, spontaneous, decisive, unique)
This personality type is the life of the party. He/she is frankly a real estate professional’s dream buyer! Decisions are made quickly, emotionally, and instantaneously. So does it get much better than that? Not really. This type of buyer does not need facts, but loves fluff! Tie into the hot button and you will have a quick sale. Are there any drawbacks? Of course, there are several problems. 
1.                  This person can buy so fast that you can’t slow them down long enough to properly fill out the paperwork or read important documents. You want a quick sale, but you don’t want a buyer who is unhappy because he/she did not have enough facts to make a good decision.
2.                  If you are a detail-oriented salesperson, you can lose this buyer because you are very methodical and talk way too much about facts. You will bore the extraverted, emotional right out the door, watch him/her drive away, and think to yourself … what a kook!
Key into these buyers quickly, close early, and insist that you have their attention during the contract process. Keep telling them that you can save time by going over things now because they will be busy with other fun details later. When they tell you that they love a home … CLOSE! And the beautiful thing is that you may only have to close them once. They can make a decision and love to buy during the emotional thrill of the moment. Have fun!
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