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Posted Aug 02, 2011 5:08 pm (9 years ago)

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The Online Real Estate School Appeal    

Have you ever wondered who takes their renewal classes online?  Doesn't everyone enjoy a live class format?  NO???  Online renewal classes appeal to the Realtor from a large, Arizona city, who is busy and doesn't have the time or energy to drive to class.  Online renewal classes appeal to the real estate agent from a small, Arizona town, who does not have as many choices in terms of real estate continuing education classes.  Online renewal classes appeal to the person who does not enjoy interaction with others or listening to stories.  Lastly, online renewal classes appeal to the procrastinator who needs one more class before the end of the month and can take a class online anytime day or night.  It is our pleasure to appeal to all kinds of people across Arizona and offer classes that will fulfill all 24 hours of continuing education required by the Arizona Department of Real Estate


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