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Mar 02, 2011 (10 years ago)
"Revised" Real Estate Purchase Contract Class
 -"Revised" Real Estate Purchase Contract Class - The Arizona Association of Realtors revised the "Residential Resale Real Estate Purchase Contract" on  February 28, 2011.  Renewal Zone has been ...

Nov 15, 2010 (10 years ago)
Real Estate Flipping vs. Flopping
It was just a few years ago when investors were buying homes to turn around and sell at a profit called "flipping."  Today, we are seeing investors persuading lenders to agree to a short sale, buying ...

Oct 29, 2010 (10 years ago)
Joseph Carl Homes Combines Operations with Avatar, Inc. - Great News!
Finally!  Some great news from the homebuilding and real estate industry! Avatar Holdings, Inc., listed on NASDAQ as AVTR, a leading real estate company in Floriday and Arizona, announced this week...

Aug 23, 2010 (10 years ago)
Staging Tips - Lighting
  Let There Be Light!   Natural sunlight is nurturing to the soul and good for us both physically and mentally. Let the sunshine in during the day, wherever possible, and make sure you have soft ...

Jun 16, 2010 (10 years ago)
Arizona Home Builders Buying Up Land - Is It a Sign?
A recent Arizona Republic story by Catherine Reagor cited an upswing in home building from April 2009 with 789 new home sales to April 2010 with 823 new home sales.  That is moving in the right direct...

May 18, 2010 (10 years ago)
Arizona SB 1136 - New Rules for Advertising in Arizona
  Several new bills, impacting the real estate industry, passed through the Arizona state legislature recently.  SB 1136 stipulates that any print or internet advertisment that advertises a specifi...

May 03, 2010 (11 years ago)
Renewal Zone Now Offers Online Mortgage Classes!
Renewal Zone has partnered with two highly respected mortgage lending schools, ProSchools and School of Mortgage Lending to offer the very best choices in online mortgage classes.  You can now complet...

Apr 28, 2010 (11 years ago)
Real Estate Classes - How to Benefit the Most from Your Real Estate Renewal Hours
Most states require real estate professionals to complete a few weeks of real estate focused education and pass a state-administered exam in order to receive a real estate license and are given the au...

Mar 17, 2010 (11 years ago)
Maximize Your Time - Take Your Real Estate Renewal Classes Online
Today's real estate professionals are living in the digital age with new technology being introduced every day to help them better serve their customers and clients. Social networking, virtually unhea...

Jan 18, 2010 (11 years ago)
The Top 30 New Home Questions
- The Top 30 New Home Questions -                                              Check out Renewal Zone’s new home sales class called “Get in the Sales Zone – Complete New Home Pro...

Dec 31, 2009 (11 years ago)
Happy New Year from Renewal Zone!
    5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – Prepare for Launch!  We have spent the past several months in development of our classes and website and have begun the countdown to going 100%...

Oct 03, 2009 (11 years ago)
Looking Forward
When we take a look back over the past 8 years, we find that the Feds in their attempt to prevent a major recession, reduced interest rates to an eventual all time low. The Federal Funds rate eventual...

Sep 21, 2009 (11 years ago)
Real Estate Recovery
The White House is considering an extension to the $8,000 tax credit for first time home buyers! The real estate industry has seen a boost due to the thousands of first time homebuyers that used the t...

Sep 18, 2009 (11 years ago)
ADRE Issues Commissioner's Advisory
The Arizona Department of Real Estate today released a Commissioner’s Advisory regarding Electronic Record Keeping and Electronic Signatures today.    The following rules apply for Electronic ...

Sep 18, 2009 (11 years ago)
Attention Appraisers!
Time is short – HUD’s deadline is October 1, 2009 for all licensed appraisers to upgrade to Certified Residential in order to maintain FHA roster status! Go to HUD’s website for info...

Sep 04, 2009 (11 years ago)
New Continuing Education Classes
The faculty at Renewal Zone is currently writing continuing education classes for real estate professionals. We now offer license renewal classes for real estate and appraisal in 43 states. Topics for...

Sep 01, 2009 (11 years ago)
New Homebuilder Arrives in Phoenix Market
Joseph Carl Homes has hit the Phoenix real estate market running with the opening of Arboleda Ranch in Phoenix. This is a great success story waiting to happen, as Carl Mulac, a well-known homebuildin...

Aug 27, 2009 (11 years ago)
ADRE Places New Emphasis on Education
Arizona Department of Real Estate Commissioner, Judy Lowe is passionate about education for licensees. In a meeting today with Arizona real estate educators, she emphasized her desire to improve the e...

Aug 20, 2009 (11 years ago)
Closing the Sale in Today's Market
Is closing the sale appropriate in today’s market?  Absolutely!  Even in a buyer’s market, closing is totally appropriate and a critical part of the buying process. Buyers want a real es...