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May 11, 2012 (9 years ago)
Online Real Estate CE
Online Real Estate CE          Online real estate continuing education is the most convenient way to fulfill your requirements for real estate license renewal.  Here are a few of the benefits:...

Apr 30, 2012 (9 years ago)
Real Estate Continuing Education
Real Estate Continuing Education     We have had several calls from students asking if the real estate continuing education requirements have changed for Arizona licensees and the answer is no...

Apr 27, 2012 (9 years ago)
ADRE-Approved Online Renewal Classes
ADRE-Approved Online Renewal Classes       Renewal Zone offers all of the required categories for Arizona License Renewal.  Just log-on and click "Available Classes" on the menu bar.  You can e...

Feb 24, 2012 (9 years ago)
Have Questions Regarding Our Online Renewal Classes?
Have Questions Regarding Our Online Renewal Classes?     Do you have questions regarding our online renewal classes?  You can give us a call or send us an email and we will respond promptly.  ...

Feb 03, 2012 (9 years ago)
Commissioner's Standards Renewal Class
Commissioner's Standards Renewal Class      Do you need an Arizona Commissioner's Standards class for real estate continuing education?  Renewal Zone offers two Commissioner's Standards classes...

Jul 27, 2011 (10 years ago)
Renewal Classes for New Home Sales
Renewal Classes for New Home Sales     Do you work for a Homebuilder and need to renew your Arizona real estate license?  Well, we have online renewal classes for you.  Renewal Zone is the onl...

Jul 22, 2011 (10 years ago)
Commercial Real Estate Renewal Class
Commercial Real Estate Renewal Class       Renewal Zone offers a Commercial Real Estate Renewal Class on Commercial Architecture written by Miguel Berastegui.  The class discusses the history of...

Jul 13, 2011 (10 years ago)
Broker Management Clinic Gets Rave Reviews
Broker Management Clinic Gets Rave Reviews     Renewal Zone's Broker Management Clinic is a proven success!  It gets rave reviews and the students love the fact that they can take the Broker Mana...

Jul 20, 2010 (11 years ago)
Real Estate Renewal Class on New Home Construction Now on Renewal Zone
We are excited to introduce a brand new online real estate class on Renewal Zone.  A class on new home construction, entitled "Build a House" has just been added to our Arizona real estate renewal cla...

Jun 23, 2010 (11 years ago)
Arizona New Home Online Renewal Classes
- Arizona Online Renewal Classes for New Homes - Renewal Zone has partnered with the Home Builders Association of Central Arizona (HBACA) to offer real estate renewal classes specific to new ho...

May 27, 2010 (11 years ago)
Student Testimonial Regarding Renewal Zone's Online Real Estate Classes
- Student Testimonial - To find out what students are saying about our real estate classes, go to and click on testimonials. Here is a comment from one of our students regar...

May 24, 2010 (11 years ago)
Arizona SB 1219 - Legislative Update for Arizona Real Estate Licensees
  The Arizona legislature has passed SB 1219, which changes the 4-year real estate license back to a 2-year license, effective July 29, 2010.  The new law does not change the requirement of 24 hour...

May 05, 2010 (11 years ago)
New Home Real Estate Classes for Arizona
- New Home Real Estate Classes for Arizona -   Renewal Zone is an online real estate school that offers real estate classes specifically written for new home sales in Arizona. We know how frustratin...

Apr 28, 2010 (11 years ago)
Real Estate Classes - How to Benefit the Most from Your Real Estate Renewal Hours
Most states require real estate professionals to complete a few weeks of real estate focused education and pass a state-administered exam in order to receive a real estate license and are given the au...

Apr 21, 2010 (11 years ago)
Real Estate Market Improves as Home Builders Buy Land
According to the Wall Street Journal, "In Arizona and across the U.S., home builders are battling to acquire land in preparation for ramping up home construction."  This is certainly true in Gilbert, ...

Apr 21, 2010 (11 years ago)
Real Estate Classes - More Important Than Ever!
More important than ever is the participation in real estate continuing education that keeps you up-to-date with changes in the market.  Short sales, pre-foreclosures, and bank-owned properties have r...

Mar 25, 2010 (11 years ago)
Commercial Architecture Real Estate Renewal Class Offered on Renewal Zone!
Are you ready to learn a little about commercial architecture?  Would you like to know some of the terms used in architecture?  Some of the history of the various styles of architecture?  Some of the ...

Mar 05, 2010 (11 years ago)
Renewal Zone Places Online Real Estate Renewal Classes at Your Fingertips!
How many times have you attended a real estate renewal class only to come away thinking, "same old, same old..."  Well, it's time for you to try Renewal Zone for your next real estate continuing educa...

Jan 21, 2010 (11 years ago)
Renewal Zone is Coming to An Office Near You!
As Renewal Zone, principals, Lynn Palmer and I, are making special appearances at home builder sales meetings and real estate office meetings across the Valley. The presentation takes only 10 minut...

Jan 11, 2010 (11 years ago)
Note to Self: Finish My Real Estate Continuing Education Classes EARLY in 2010
So here we are in 2010.  A new year, a new decade.  Guess it is time to figure out if we are going to do things the same way in 2010 as we did in 2009!   Are you like the majority of real estate li...

Jan 09, 2010 (11 years ago)
Real Estate Renewal Hours JUST GOT EASIER!
Busy real estate professionals should be a little happier today!   That is because Renewal Zone now offers the convenience of State-Approved real estate continuing education classes online.  Classes a...

Nov 23, 2009 (11 years ago)
The Extraverted, Emotional
The last personality type is the Extraverted, Emotional – (energetic, spontaneous, decisive, unique)   This personality type is the life of the party. He/she is frankly a real estate professio...

Nov 22, 2009 (11 years ago)
Videos Add "Real-life Examples" to Real Estate Renewal Classes
We had an exciting and fun week making videos to add to our class content on Renewal Zone!  Our videos add “real life” examples to class material dealing with Selling Skills, Agency, Discl...

Oct 14, 2009 (11 years ago)
Real Estate Continuing Education - Make It Work For YOU!
Ever feel like your real estate continuing education is not as beneficial for your day-to-day businesss as you would like it to be? Here are a few tips to make it more meaningful: 1.  Start earl...

Oct 09, 2009 (11 years ago)
Time is Money! Save Time with Online Real Estate Continuing Education
If you are like me, renewal classes are sometimes hard to fit into a busy schedule.  Renewal Zone is a wonderful solution for busy real estate professionals.  Classes are State-approved for license re...

Oct 04, 2009 (11 years ago)
Broker Management Clinic
Renewal Zone faculty recently completed a Broker Management Clinic, which will be submitted to the Arizona Department of Real Estate ADRE this week for approval.  Renewal Zone will be offering the Bro...

Sep 28, 2009 (11 years ago)
New Continuing Education Class - Broker Management Clinic - in Progress
Renewal Zone will be offering 24-hour real estate renewal packages for our Arizona students soon.  Many of our real estate renewal classe have already been approved by the Arizona Department of Real E...

Sep 23, 2009 (11 years ago)
ADRE Commissioner Places High Priority on Real Estate Education
Lynn Palmer and I were fortunate to visit, yesterday, with the new Arizona Department of Real Estate Commissioner, Judy Lowe to discuss real estate renewal hours and specifically, online renewal hours...