FAIR HOUSING for New Home Sales Information

Class: FAIR HOUSING for New Home Sales
State: Arizona
Specialty: New Home Sales
Category: 3 Hours - Fair Housing

Description: What is “equal professional service?”  How does it relate to your Renewal Zone Continuing Education Classes Fair Housing for New Home Salesinteraction with home buyers and real estate agents?  Is it ever ok
to discuss the ethnic make-up
of a neighborhood?  Does a real estate licensee’s fiduciary duty of “full disclosure” to a client apply
to questions related to protected classes?

What is the Housing for Older Persons Act?  Do age-restricted retirement communities discriminate against children?
If you are not confident with the answers to these questions, you may unintentionally and unknowingly
violate Fair Housing laws during your normal course of business.
This ADRE approved real estate renewal class will provide some “real life” examples of situations, directly related to new home sales,  that could, if not handled properly, result in Fair Housing concerns. We will also review case studies of Fair Housing complaints and discuss the results.


Lynn Palmer
Lynn Palmer

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