Land Development Class Information

Class: Land Development Class

Ever wonder what it takes to start with a raw parcel of land and turn it into a beautiful community with homes, streets, landscaping, and amenities?  Would you like to know more about the various construction stages involved in land

Then this is for you!

This real estate renewal class takes you through the basic steps of planning, budgeting, City-approvals, installation of utilities and construction of streets, flood retention areas, and landscaped common areas for a residential community.  

You will learn about the bidding process and the importance of finding qualified and reputable trades who will stay on schedule and within budget.  We will discuss the various materials and steps involved in pouring curbs, sidewalks and paving, and you will see lots of photos to help you visualize the processes as we discuss them.   

Whether you work in the new home, commercial or general residential real estate industry, you will benefit from a fundamental knowledge of land development processes and the opportunities and challenges of transforming a vacant parcel of land into a new neighborhood.

Rob Cross
Rob Cross