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Agency Law for General Real Estate

Agency Law for General Real Estate Class

AGENCY LAW for New Home Sales

Agency Law for New Home Sales

Agency Law for New Home Sales Class

AGENCY LAW for Residential Real Estate

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Lynn Palmer is one of the Southwest's premier sales trainers and real estate consultants. Over the past 15 years, she has trained thousands of salespeople for real estate companies, home builders, developers, mortgage companies, and design studios. Her “real life” approach to selling is a sales process that works and can be adapted to any industry. Lynn has conducted training in large seminars, taught in small, interactive groups, and coached individual sales professionals on a one-on-one basis. She has also facilitated motivational seminars for Edge Learning Institute, touching lives and sharing her inspiration with hundreds of people. Lynn has been a licensed Arizona real estate broker since 1990 and has taught numerous real estate renewal classes for one of the largest real estate schools in Arizona.