Residential Real Estate Purchase CONTRACT LAW Information

Class: Residential Real Estate Purchase CONTRACT LAW
State: Arizona
Specialty: Real Estate
Category: 3 Hours - Contract Law

Description: Renewal Zone Continuing Education Classes Residential Real Estate ContractHow well do you understand the AAR Purchase Contract?  This real estate continuing education class will review basic contract law and delve into the terms and conditions of the AAR Purchase Contract.  This ADRE approved class also includes a review of the essential elements of an enforceable contract.

We will review employment agreements, including listing agreements and buyer broker agreements and the agency relationships created by each agreement.  The class other required disclosures for residential resale properties in Arizona as well as the various standard addendums.

The purpose of this real estate continuing education class will increase your knowledge of contract law and help you become more familiar with the forms frequently used for residential resale transactions. 


Lynn Palmer
Lynn Palmer

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Price: $19.99