Class Chapters
2History of Fair Housing
3Fair Housing Exemptions
4Equal Professional Service
5Prohibited Actions
6Marketing and Advertising Compliance
7Fair Housing Enforcement
8Fair Housing Case Studies
9Summary/Reduction of Risk
10Final Review
Lynn Palmer

Fair Housing for the Real Estate Professional Class

7. Availability, location and quality of properties presented for showing.

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Prospect #1 visits a real estate office driving a late model sports car and dressed in trendy golf attire. The agent begins to talk immediately about a couple of homes on a golf course and tells the prospect he needs to be in the “prestigious” part of town.

Renewal Zone continuing Education Classes Federal Fair HousingProspect #2 visits the real estate office driving a mini-van with three young children aboard. The agent talks about the great value of two available homes near the elementary school and a listing on a cul-de-sac with tons of children. The agent does not mention the golf course listings.

Why would this be a fair housing violation? The agent is just trying to satisfy the needs and wants of the prospects – right? Wrong.

The agent is making assumptions about the prospects and violating fair housing laws through inconsistency in the availability, location and quality of properties presented for showing. All prospects should have access to information on any available homes. Qualifying questions, not assumptions, can assist the agent in narrowing down the properties to show.