Class Chapters
2History of Fair Housing
3Fair Housing Exemptions
4Equal Professional Service
5Prohibited Actions
6Marketing and Advertising Compliance
7Fair Housing Enforcement
8Fair Housing Case Studies
9Summary/Reduction of Risk
10Final Review
Lynn Palmer

Fair Housing for the Real Estate Professional Class

8. Keeping appointments.


Prospect #1 has made an appointment for Tuesday afternoon to show a just listed single level home, but the agent is challenged by a language barrier with this prospect. The agent does not feel like dealing with a labored conversation and so many questions today, so he calls and changes the appointment for next week, secretly hoping that someone else will buy the home over the weekend, and he will not have to spend the hours required in explaining the purchase agreement to Prospect #1.

Renewal Zone Continuing Education Classes Federal Fair Housing Prospect #2 has made an appointment for Thursday afternoon, but the agent knows that Prospect #2 has disabilities that will require a a lot of time and patience in getting in and out of the car and in showing the properties. The process will be time consuming and tedious. The agent just sold three homes over the weekend and she needs to finish up some paperwork. She calls and cancels her appointment with Prospect #2.

Which of these situations are examples of violations? Both.

Fair housing laws specifically protect individuals with special needs such as the people in these examples and require real estate professionals to spend the time and effort needed to help them obtain a home. Both of these situations would likely be viewed as violations of fair housing laws.