Class Chapters
2History of Fair Housing
3Fair Housing Exemptions
4Equal Professional Service
5Prohibited Actions
6Marketing and Advertising Compliance
7Fair Housing Enforcement
8Fair Housing Case Studies
9Summary/Reduction of Risk
10Final Review
Lynn Palmer

Fair Housing for the Real Estate Professional Class

9. Follow-up procedures.


Renewal Zone continuing education classes Federal Fair HousingProspect #1 purchased a large home in a prestigious area with a gorgeous view of the mountains. This home has the highest purchase price of any home that the agent has ever sold, and thus the highest commission, too.

The agent takes photos every week of the changing flora on the mountain and emails them to Prospect #1. The agent calls and checks weekly on the prospect’s mortgage status to make sure the loan is ready for closing. The agent speaks with the prospect at least once each week throughout the transaction to give her an update and find out if there is anything that the he can do to help.

Prospect #2 purchased a modest home in an older neighborhood. The agent calls the prospect once, a few weeks after the contract is written, and then touches base right before the home closes. The mortgage company is missing some information, so the closing is delayed a few days.

Yes, you are right. This inconsistency could be viewed as a fair housing violation.

Remember that the value of the property involved has absolutely no bearing on fair housing. In these examples, there is definitely a lack of consistency in the level of professional service between Prospect #1 and Prospect #2.