Class Chapters
2History of Fair Housing
3Fair Housing Exemptions
4Equal Professional Service
5Prohibited Actions
6Marketing and Advertising Compliance
7Fair Housing Enforcement
8Fair Housing Case Studies
9Summary/Reduction of Risk
10Final Review
Lynn Palmer

Fair Housing for the Real Estate Professional Class

10. Method of determining which properties to show.


Prospect #1 asks the agent to show him an area where the most Jewish families are located. The prospect tells the agent that he is Jewish, and he wants the close companionship of other Jewish people in the neighborhood. The agent advises the prospect that he cannot discuss the religion of residents in any particular neighborhood, because it is a violation of fair housing laws. The agent proceeds to show Prospect #1 the various homes that will meet the needs of his family.

Renewal Zone Continuing Education Classes Federal Fair HousingProspect #2 asks the agent to find him a home in a quiet neighborhood, away from all the children. The agent states that all families are welcome in all communities, that there is not a designated all-adult community in the area, and in fact, that would be a violation of fair housing laws. The agent proceeds to show the prospect various homes that meet the prospect’s needs.

Hoorah! The real estate agents in both of these examples avoided fair housing violations by supporting the law and educating the prospective buyers.